"Tara has been a great help to me and my family many times and in many ways…from Holiday decorations, house-sitting, and pet care, to the occasional “bail-out” from a potential scheduling disaster. She is a wonderful combination of energy, integrity, and reliability. The busier I get, the more valuable her expertise and assistance becomes."

- Russel, President Fox Restaurant Concepts

"Tara is professional, reliable, and trustworthy.  She approaches every project with a positive can-do attitude.  I am continually impressed with her efficiency and results.  She is a pleasure to work with!"
- Debora, Attorney


"Her services are invaluable, allowing me to enjoy my time off. Her delicious meals to go are simply amazing, and I must mention that my dogs adore her! I think I've utilized every service she offers. I can't say enough about her versatile abilities. You'll be hooked on Tara.”
- Jodi Jaffe, Business Owner

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"Outstanding, friendly, kind woman. Exceptionally organized. Incredibly efficient, seems to accomplish in a few hours what it would take me days to get done. Assisted me with packing up my house and moving into and getting settled into my new home (while I was 32 weeks pregnant and unable to do much). Prepared all my cabinets and shelves with liner so that unpacking was efficient and organized."  
- Sabitha

"Tara managed what was for me an overwhelming move. She furnished the boxes and packing material, packed and organized 50 boxes of dishes, etc, interfaced with the movers, and prepped cabinets and shelving for move in.....everything to create a smooth transition from one residence to another. 10 stars!"
- Niki S.

Tara Farnsworth